About Solaris Blog

Welcome to Solaris blog – my humble collection of system administration tips for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris.

My name is Gleb Reys, I’m a Solaris systems administrator living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I’m 29 right now, and have 10 years of UNIX administration experience, so I guess that justifies calling my UNIX interests a real passion 🙂

I’ve been updating Solaris Blog since November 2004, and I document here most of the sysadmin problems and solutions I come across. I like trying all the latest and greatest features of Solaris, and for quite some time I’ve been using OpenSolaris for my experiments.

My Solaris experience is not that impressive – I first got a chance to manage it back in 1997, it was SunOS 2.5 on an Ultra 5 system at my university… I had spent almost a year managing that system and trying different things out, and although not everything was done in most optimal way, I still enjoyed the process a lot.

Some time later I got back to Solaris again, with SunOS 2.7 on an E250 box. I liked it even more.

I was so impressed with Solaris, that a year later I made BSDi 4.0 to Solaris 8 transition one of my first projects upon joining a new company.

Finally, I had spent more than 4 years working at Sun Microsystems in Dublin, Ireland – it was amazing to work with some of the most technically skilled and talented people in the world and to always stay on the edge of Solaris development.

These days I’m a staff Unix systems administrator with a large multi-national, and managing Solaris is still a big part of my daily activities.