How-To: Installing Solaris with PXE/DHCP

Next Solaris Express build will probably contain one of the long awaited features: Solaris NewBoot architecture for x86 systems. Among other boot architecture improvements, NewBoot introduces GRUB with ufs support, and a pxegrub for PXE booting. Casper Dik describes it here: The End Of Realmode Boot.

In this entry I’ll try and explain how to set up an install server to allow you do a network install of Solaris with PXE.

Solaris PXE/DHCP server howto

The procedure described below describes steps necessary for PXE booting and installing a client with Grub bootloader, which is the default one in Solaris since Nevada b14. Obviously, the very first requirement is that you absolutely must have a PXE-enabled network card installed in the client machine you’re about to install.

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