Asus A8N-SLI NIC drivers for Solaris

Finally, I’ve found some time to finish off the on-board network adapters configuration in Solaris 10 for my Asus A8N-SLI motherboard.

As I’ve already told before, this motherboard comes equipped with 2 network adapters:nForce4 and Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter. Both adapters are based on Marvell chips – they are Marvell 88E8001-LKJ1 (PCI Gigabit Ethernet) and Marvell 88E1111-RCJ (PHY) respectively.

So, the first one of these adapters is properly found and supported in Solaris 10 out of the box. In fact, Solaris 10 even finds and attempts to configure nge0 during the initial OS install.

To make the Yukon Gigabit (Marvell) adapter work, you should go to the SysKonnect website and navigate to the drivers downloads page (skge is there as well). What’s REALLY cool is that there is a 64bit driver already! So I’ve got myself this file: skgesol_x64v8.12.1.3.tar.Z

After you unpack the archive, you should install the SKGEsolx, and that’s it – the pre-install script even allows you to configure skge0 adapter – set its IP and network mask.
This is where my two network adapters are found (taken from /etc/path_to_inst):

"/pci@0,0/pci10de,5c@9/pci1043,811a@c" 0 "skge"
"/pci@0,0/pci1043,8141@a" 0 "nge"

Attention: due to unknown reasons, prtconf -vp clearly shows only one of the adapters – skge. That’s the one represented by the “Ethernet controller” model name. Don’t know why, but nge is called “Bridge device” there.


  1. Oscar Paz says:

    hello, I also I have the same motherboard. Could you tell me what version of driver got off, or you can send me. Try a driver but not work, if it was not right

  2. Hi Oscar,

    it’s been quite some time ago – I have upgraded a few times since then so don’t have neither the motherboard nor the driver anymore.

    The post above has the version I had used: skgesol_x64v8.12.1.3.tar.Z, just google this filename up to get more details.

    Good luck!

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