DTrace: count system calls for any process

One more variation of using DTrace allows to track which system calls are made from a certain process. Or do the same for lots of processes, if you use execname and not PIDs…

Such a command line will show you all system calls made by Xorg in the last 5 seconds:

solaris# dtrace -n 'syscall:::entry /execname == "Xorg"/ {@[probefunc] = count(); } tick-5sec {printa(@); clear(@);}'
dtrace: description 'syscall:::entry ' matched 227 probes
CPU     ID                    FUNCTION:NAME
0  36588                       :tick-5sec
writev                                                           20
lwp_sigmask                                                      38
setcontext                                                       38
setitimer                                                        75
read                                                            422
pollsys                                                         426

pS: some time later I’ll hopefully write more about what DTrace and D language are

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