Oracle Sends a Strong Message about Sun Microsystems

Really glad to see the address Larry Ellison gave to all the Sun customers on the Oracle website:

  • more money to develop SPARC
  • more money to develop Solaris
  • dramatic improvement in Sun’s hardware performance through tight integration with Oracle software

I’ve seen many comments from existing Sun employees and the message above is seen as both strong and very positive. Hope this brings Sun Microsystems better days, it’s a great company with amazing people.


  1. I have great hope for Larry. Hope that he’ll finally make sparc systems as cheap or cheaper than i86pc and churn them out in the MILLIONS, instead of relegating sparc to fat profit margins and a dying niche market.

    If he doesn’t do that, sparc is finished, because they days of the fat profit margins have long come and gone.

  2. I can see from the inside that things are moving in the right direction, and we might expect results sooner than expected.

  3. Solaris not only platform for Oracle RDBMS. This is, firstly, common operating environment. Note that. And performance/other optimization is not only around one – but really monopoly – database. Sadly that best common OS will be transform to yet another little database startup program. I’m not believe to Larry. He is already crap most common Solaris users with his costs.

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