SMF: offline or disabled services

When something doesn’t work like expected, one of the first commands to find what’s wrong is svcs -a. But there are other ways to use this command.

For instance, the following command will show only disabled and offline services, which quite often is exactly what we want. Particularly useful is the fact that such a variant of using svcs shows you impact of each offline service – you can quickly see what other things may not be working as the result of it.

solaris# svcs -xv
svc:/application/print/server:default (LP print server)
 State: disabled since Wed Jan 26 11:23:32 2005
Reason: Disabled by an administrator.
   See: man -M /usr/share/man -s 1M lpsched
Impact: 2 dependent services are not running:
svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default (multi-user plus exports milestone)
 State: offline since Wed Jan 26 11:54:58 2005
Reason: Start method is running.
   See: man -M /usr/share/man -s 1M init
   See: /var/svc/log/milestone-multi-user-server:default.log
Impact: 1 dependent service is not running:

As you can see, offline service svc:/application/print/server:default renders two its dependants useless as well, namely they are svc:/application/print/rfc1179:default and svc:/application/print/ipp-listener:default.


  1. so… why was multi-user-server offline? I’m having this problem now and trying to figure it out. If you have any input, please email me…

    • Hi Susan,

      It’s usually a sign of one of the basic initialization routines not completing successfully. Try svcs -a and grep for anything that’s in maintenance mode.


  2. Hello, a couple of conmemts:1) Typo nit: in your first example above you missed the set keyword (zfs com.sun:auto-snapshot=true data).2) You can customize the snapshot policies per-dataset (and its children via inheritance). You can also enable and disable individual snapshot schedules, i.e. I have this policy on the dataset used for automated dumpfiles (and cleaned out regularly to get rid of oldest files):# zfs get all pond/export/DUMP/regular | grep autopond/export/DUMP/regular com.sun:auto-snapshot false localpond/export/DUMP/regular com.sun:auto-snapshot:weekly true local# zfs get all pond/export/DUMP | grep autopond/export/DUMP com.sun:auto-snapshot true inherited from pondIn particular, you might want to disable snapshots of rpool/swap and rpool/dump , because these snapshots would be rather useless, but they reserve lots of disk space (as to allow full rewriting of the ZVOL dataset’s contents) greatly reducing your usable rpool space.NOTE: this info is valid as of SXCE, I am migrating some systems to OI and will see if the software still works the same way HTH,//Jim Klimov

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