Solaris 10 patch return codes

Now that some of the systems I have to regularly patch are Solaris 10 ones, I have to get used to the new patch return codes which one can see when applying one of the Sun’s recommended patchsets. It’s similar to the Solaris 8/9 patchset installation codes, but there are more codes added to the list.

Solaris 10 patch error codes

Exit    Meaning

0       No error
1       Usage error
2       Attempt to apply a patch that's already been applied
3       Effective UID is not root
4       Attempt to save original files failed
5       pkgadd failed
6       Patch is obsoleted
7       Invalid package directory
8       Attempting to patch a package that is not installed
9       Cannot access /usr/sbin/pkgadd (client problem)
10      Package validation errors
11      Error adding patch to root template
12      Patch script terminated due to signal
13      Symbolic link included in patch
14      NOT USED
15      The prepatch script had a return code other than 0.
16      The postpatch script had a return code other than 0.
17      Mismatch of the -d option between a previous patch install and the current one.
18      Not enough space in the file systems that are targets of the patch.
19      $SOFTINFO/INST_RELEASE file not found
20      A direct instance patch was required but not found
21      The required patches have not been installed on the manager
22      A progressive instance patch was required but not found
23      A restricted patch is already applied to the package
24      An incompatible patch is applied
25      A required patch is not applied
26      The user specified backout data can't be found
27      The relative directory supplied can't be found
28      A pkginfo file is corrupt or missing
29      Bad patch ID format
30      Dryrun failure(s)
31      Path given for -C option is invalid
32      Must be running Solaris 2.6 or greater
33      Bad formatted patch file or patch file not found
34      Incorrect patch spool directory
35      Later revision already installed
36      Cannot create safe temporary directory
37      Illegal backout directory specified
38      A prepatch, prePatch or a postpatch script could not be executed
39      A compressed patch was unable to be decompressed
40      Error downloading a patch
41      Error verifying signed patch
42      Error unable to retrieve patch information from SQL DB.
43      Error unable to update the SQL DB.
44      Lock file not available
45      Unable to copy patch data to partial spool directory.

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  1. Be careful with this list: the exit codes were never officially documented (and thus never really supported) so Sun is at liberty to change these at will, without notification.

    In fact this is indeed the case with Solaris 10’s new patching mechanism that was introduced when zones were introduced. The only reliable exit codes are 0 and >0 (see the patchadd(1M) man page) and you’ll find the exit codes very rarely actually match this list unless you use the -t option to patchadd.

    Note, the -t option is NOT compatible with zones.

    Like with any application with undocumented exit codes, your only option is to check for 0 and if it’s not 0, read the log/output to determine why it failed.

    • Hi Colin,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! You’re quite right about the rule of thumb: if it’s 0, things are green, if it’s anything else – watch out. I always end up checking the install logs, sometimes for each patch, just to make sure the patching is successful.

  2. For patching goodness check out PCA – “patch check advanced” it is simply a perl script by a dude, but ohmygod it rules compared to the built in sun tools.

  3. Is there an exact url for this path check advanced? Thanks!

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